Rockwell Trading – The Story of Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter tells people who ask him how he started Rockwell Trading that he started it by accident. Eleven years ago, he lived in Munich, Germany, working for IBM. He worked over 60 hours a week and thought that he had paid his dues, and his work was leading to a good retirement and a renewed focus on his family. But one day, he decided that it wasn’t worth it. He decided to move to the United States and settled in Austin, Texas to be a full-time day trader.

As more and more new friends asked him what he did for a living, he told them he was a day trader who earned a great living from home. As more people caught on to his lifestyle, they wanted to do the same. Being a “show don’t tell” type of person, he invited people over to his house to see for themselves what he did for a living. People became intrigued. They wanted to live like Heitkoetter. When he began teaching people how to trade more than actually trading himself, Rockwell Trading was born in his mind.

Heitkoetter decided that he could teach more people how to trade from home, being their own boss, and deciding their own hours and life. Heitkoetter thought then that he could help many more people achieve their goals by starting his own trading company that featured excellent trading strategies than he could be having people over to his house, so he started Rockwell Trading. For the past ten years, the company has grown, and Heitkoetter wrote a book detailing his teachings, called The Simple Strategy. The book has ranked number one in its category on since it was published in July, 2013.