Rockwell Trading: No Analysis Paralysis

All trading strategies offered by Rockwell Trading are geared toward ending analysis paralysis, a disease affecting many day traders as they try to analyze all of the many variables that go into a trading decision. There are so many factors to consider when making even one trade, that making several can slow a day trader down to a crawl on a daily basis, costing them time and money. The trading strategies designed by Markus Heitkoetter, the founder of Rockwell Trading, are designed to give day traders easy to execute strategies with clear entry and exit rules.

As a veteran day trader, Markus Heitkoetter had so many trade indicators on his charts that they would sometimes obscure the price action. These indicators would sometimes cause analysis paralysis on his part. Over time, Heitkoetter developed the concepts enumerated in his The Simple Strategy that helped him overcome his own analysis paralysis and got him on the right track again. Even battle-hardened day traders become confused when they use too many indicators. With half of them screaming “SELL” and the other half screaming “BUY”, anyone can get confused, even those with years of experience trading on the market.

The Rockwell Trading approach to day trading is one of simplification. All of its training materials, including Heitkoetter’s book, are designed to get you around the typical analysis paralysis trap that so many traders fall into. Our rules are designed to create a basic framework for each trade you make, so that you can make your decisions quickly and effectively.