The Rockwell Trading Club: Comprehensive, Focused Library of Trading Knowledge

The Rockwell Trading Club was developed by Rockwell Trading founder and CEO Markus Heitkoetter to help all traders of all levels of experience find information they need to be successful, and to help them specialize their focus only on what they need to succeed. The Trading Club is an online database full of trading strategies and training courses designed to help all traders make the most out of their time. There are six components of the Trading Club:

  1. An all-inclusive portal to an indexed trading library. Filled with valuable trading resources, the club is great for almost all types of traders. Including day traders, swing traders, futures traders, stock traders, and options traders.
  2. Trading education, strategies, and tools. The training modules are all fully mobile, so you can access them wherever there is an internet connection from your laptop.
  3. Trading strategies, indicators, charts, and specialized software. All indicating components traders need are in one comprehensive database, available at the touch of a button.
  4. 24/7 Access. Trading strategies, tools, and tips are available in the Trading Club at any time from anywhere.
  5. Worksheets for any strategy in the library. In addition to a full complement of training videos, the Trading Club provides worksheets to use once you have learned how to use a particular strategy, and you want to use it immediately.
  6. Excellent customer support, member coaching sessions, and updates. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact the Rockwell Trading Club staff by phone or email.

    Individualized coaching sessions for members are available, and updates such as new tools and more are sent out periodically to complete the Trading Club’s library.