Markus Heitkoetter and Rockwell Trading

Back in 1989, Markus Heitkoetter entered the world of trading. This was the beginning of what would be a tremendous career and eventually lead to the formation of one of the most popular trading education companies in the world called Rockwell Trading. When he first started trading Markus found that the tools that he had at his disposal were very crude and required a tremendous amount of work and preparation in order to build the right strategy.

Early on a lot of this work involved information that was found in the newspaper, figure charts and other points of information. As he was so close to high-technology especially through his work at IBM in Munich Germany, he saw the potential for some type of technology which could close this gap and become practical in the world of trading. He developed new strategies and tested them throughout a period of time, diving into such channels as interest rates, Forex, spreads, futures, commodities, options and of course stocks.

In 2002 he decided he was ready to trade full-time and moved to Austin Texas with his wife and children, a dream that he had for some time. It was not long before he met people who wanted to know how he was doing as well as he did. Then all of a sudden he was not only a trader, but a teacher and mentor as well.

This is when he decided that it might be best to start a website so more people could benefit from the information that he was sharing. Being profitable in this world means you have to create a foundation of strategies that fit in with what your goals are and are effective as possible. Normally this takes a considerable amount of work and research. That is where his company was born as he developed a system that some would say is the best held secret in the business.

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