Rockwell Trading – Day Trading Secrets Every Beginner Should Know

Getting into the trading business can be exciting if you know what you are doing. Before you start trading, it is advisable to take some time to learn how the markets operate and learn a couple of trading secrets. If you are launching out into the world of day trading, these secrets will help you gain valuable insight into how day trading works and what you should do.

Entry Points

Financial markets are the same as everything else in life if supply is low, and there are buyers, the price is bound to rise. On the other hand if there is abundance in supply, and no buyers, the price will drop. Anyone entering the world of trading in the stock market must be able to identify these entry points where supply and demand are imbalanced.

Stop Losses & Price Targets

If you are buying (known as going long), it’s important to know the amount of risk that is acceptable before placing the trade. Traders that assess their risk before placing a trade can place a stop-loss to get out of a trade in case it goes against you. It’s equally as important to set profit targets that are realistic. By doing so you will be in a position to take profits before a market turns when your emotions are high.

3:1 Risk Ratio

It is important for new traders in the stock market to understand the risk-reward ratio. This permits you to “win big and lose small” and end up a winner regardless of the possibility that you have losses on a considerable amount of your trades. Once you gain sufficient experience in trading, risk-reward ratios of as high as 5:1 or significantly higher may be achievable.

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Simple good Rockwell Trading

Many people fall into the trap of over complicating things that should be simple. This is true with everyday life, but it is especially true with day trading. That is why Rockwell Trading was founded on the principle of making day trading as simple as possible. Its founder Markus Heitkoetter has been an advocate of keeping things as simple as can be and he has implemented this philosophy into the services he offers as well as in his book which was published digitally and distributed on Amazon. The book was called The Simple Strategy and it has continued to gain an audience since his release in July 2013. The book and the company services are proponents of taking ambiguity and over analysis out of day trading strategies. By implementing a system that is simple and structured with simple rules, the object is to eliminate the stress and over analysis trap that most traders fall into. By setting up a number of simple rules when setting up charts, placing a stop loss, taking profits and entering trades, they have built a system that is easy to follow. Designed to be simple, the strategy is a perfect complement to other methods for traders that are more experienced. The strategy is designed to make it clear when to get in and get out of a trade.

Markus Heitkoetter and Rockwell Trading

Back in 1989, Markus Heitkoetter entered the world of trading. This was the beginning of what would be a tremendous career and eventually lead to the formation of one of the most popular trading education companies in the world called Rockwell Trading. When he first started trading Markus found that the tools that he had at his disposal were very crude and required a tremendous amount of work and preparation in order to build the right strategy.

Early on a lot of this work involved information that was found in the newspaper, figure charts and other points of information. As he was so close to high-technology especially through his work at IBM in Munich Germany, he saw the potential for some type of technology which could close this gap and become practical in the world of trading. He developed new strategies and tested them throughout a period of time, diving into such channels as interest rates, Forex, spreads, futures, commodities, options and of course stocks.

In 2002 he decided he was ready to trade full-time and moved to Austin Texas with his wife and children, a dream that he had for some time. It was not long before he met people who wanted to know how he was doing as well as he did. Then all of a sudden he was not only a trader, but a teacher and mentor as well.

This is when he decided that it might be best to start a website so more people could benefit from the information that he was sharing. Being profitable in this world means you have to create a foundation of strategies that fit in with what your goals are and are effective as possible. Normally this takes a considerable amount of work and research. That is where his company was born as he developed a system that some would say is the best held secret in the business.

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The Rockwell Trading Club: Comprehensive, Focused Library of Trading Knowledge

The Rockwell Trading Club was developed by Rockwell Trading founder and CEO Markus Heitkoetter to help all traders of all levels of experience find information they need to be successful, and to help them specialize their focus only on what they need to succeed. The Trading Club is an online database full of trading strategies and training courses designed to help all traders make the most out of their time. There are six components of the Trading Club:

  1. An all-inclusive portal to an indexed trading library. Filled with valuable trading resources, the club is great for almost all types of traders. Including day traders, swing traders, futures traders, stock traders, and options traders.
  2. Trading education, strategies, and tools. The training modules are all fully mobile, so you can access them wherever there is an internet connection from your laptop.
  3. Trading strategies, indicators, charts, and specialized software. All indicating components traders need are in one comprehensive database, available at the touch of a button.
  4. 24/7 Access. Trading strategies, tools, and tips are available in the Trading Club at any time from anywhere.
  5. Worksheets for any strategy in the library. In addition to a full complement of training videos, the Trading Club provides worksheets to use once you have learned how to use a particular strategy, and you want to use it immediately.
  6. Excellent customer support, member coaching sessions, and updates. If you have questions or concerns, you can contact the Rockwell Trading Club staff by phone or email.

    Individualized coaching sessions for members are available, and updates such as new tools and more are sent out periodically to complete the Trading Club’s library.

Rockwell Trading: No Analysis Paralysis

All trading strategies offered by Rockwell Trading are geared toward ending analysis paralysis, a disease affecting many day traders as they try to analyze all of the many variables that go into a trading decision. There are so many factors to consider when making even one trade, that making several can slow a day trader down to a crawl on a daily basis, costing them time and money. The trading strategies designed by Markus Heitkoetter, the founder of Rockwell Trading, are designed to give day traders easy to execute strategies with clear entry and exit rules.

As a veteran day trader, Markus Heitkoetter had so many trade indicators on his charts that they would sometimes obscure the price action. These indicators would sometimes cause analysis paralysis on his part. Over time, Heitkoetter developed the concepts enumerated in his The Simple Strategy that helped him overcome his own analysis paralysis and got him on the right track again. Even battle-hardened day traders become confused when they use too many indicators. With half of them screaming “SELL” and the other half screaming “BUY”, anyone can get confused, even those with years of experience trading on the market.

The Rockwell Trading approach to day trading is one of simplification. All of its training materials, including Heitkoetter’s book, are designed to get you around the typical analysis paralysis trap that so many traders fall into. Our rules are designed to create a basic framework for each trade you make, so that you can make your decisions quickly and effectively.

Rockwell Trading – The Story of Markus Heitkoetter

Markus Heitkoetter tells people who ask him how he started Rockwell Trading that he started it by accident. Eleven years ago, he lived in Munich, Germany, working for IBM. He worked over 60 hours a week and thought that he had paid his dues, and his work was leading to a good retirement and a renewed focus on his family. But one day, he decided that it wasn’t worth it. He decided to move to the United States and settled in Austin, Texas to be a full-time day trader.

As more and more new friends asked him what he did for a living, he told them he was a day trader who earned a great living from home. As more people caught on to his lifestyle, they wanted to do the same. Being a “show don’t tell” type of person, he invited people over to his house to see for themselves what he did for a living. People became intrigued. They wanted to live like Heitkoetter. When he began teaching people how to trade more than actually trading himself, Rockwell Trading was born in his mind.

Heitkoetter decided that he could teach more people how to trade from home, being their own boss, and deciding their own hours and life. Heitkoetter thought then that he could help many more people achieve their goals by starting his own trading company that featured excellent trading strategies than he could be having people over to his house, so he started Rockwell Trading. For the past ten years, the company has grown, and Heitkoetter wrote a book detailing his teachings, called The Simple Strategy. The book has ranked number one in its category on since it was published in July, 2013.